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Because of I no longer using Spyce, this project has changed it's name.
Please go to tBoard Homepage for further information.

Current Status

Preliminary; Pre-Alpha version coding and testing.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please direct to SourceForge Project utilities for now.
I'll set up a SpyceBB to handle these kind of feedbacks when a usable version is finished, also as a demo of course! (grin)

2003/04/20 Update

Restruction completed. SpyceBB is already capable of basic forum operations, including Post, Reply, Edit, Delete of Posts !

Now I'm turning my focus to the 'module' interface, and RSS Feed support. After these functions are completed, I'll do translations and release an installable pack. Estimated to release such version in late June ~ early July.

I'm likely to be admitted by Department of Computer Science, National Chung-Hsing University to study for a bachelor's degree in the following four years (the result comes out at 4/28). Therefore I'm able to focus my attention on SpyceBB again! Stay tuned ...

2003/02/16 Update

Still working on restructing the system. The result is that SpyceBB will be much easier to extend, and internal working methods will be easier to understand - after all, that's the main reason to write codes in Python doesn't it ?

I'm also porting (the powerful, and already working very well) phpBB's BBcode handling functions to Python.

2003/01/23 Update

Tomorrow is the first day of Competence Exam.
Hope I can do well on the exam. Otherwise it will be the begin of my nightmare ...

CVS has been emptied, because I am going to restructure entire SpyceBB framework, to make it easier to add new functional modules, and compile faster on development environments.

2003/01/12 Update

Curent Development Screenshots !
Unfortunately, it's still in Traditional Chinese ...

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2003/01/10 Update

Yes, this project isn't dead. Although the progress seems to be slow, but I'm still working on it whenever I can.
Be patient and wait for the first working demo version ... :)

Current status:

Development Environment

Design Goals (In short: a phpBB clone with various power-ups)

About Author

Tiberius Teng (a.k.a. SBT), a 12th grade Senior High School student living in Taiwan.

Now busy preparing Competence Exam for DCES (Diversified College Entrance Solutions) hold in January 2003, and probably JCEE (Joint College Entrance Exam) hold in July 2003 if I don't accept by a good school in DCES.

Therefore I have few time to work on my favorite SpyceBB ... :(


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